EDawg878 Creative [Plots with WorldEdit] [512x512]

  • IP: play.edawg878.com
  • Rank: #105
  • Players: 35/800
  • Status: Online
  • Uptime: 100%
  • Score: 224
  • Country:  United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.14.x
  • http://EDawg878.com

There is a reason why we are the most popular creative server, join the server and find out for yourself!

+ Advanced plot protection system to keep your builds safe, even when you are offline
+ Toggle between survival, creative, and pvp gamemodes
+ Safe for children of all ages, we have a large team of hand picked moderators to ensure safe gameplay
+ Access to almost all WorldEdit commands as a reward for voting
+ Roleplay marriage commands
+ The best backup system found on any Minecraft server to ensure your progress is never lost
+ We can rollback any amount of grief within seconds
+ Active community of thousands of players, we are the largest creative server out there!
+ Sophisticated anti-spam protection systems
+ Unique donator options found on our webstore
+ Useful forum website to interact within our community
+ Large plots 512x512, when you are done you can even clear them with a single command



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