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A new Pixelmon server built upon the community of the Pichucraft server.
We have a very friendly community eager to help out.

We aim to keep the game balanced, but also fun for everyone.
If you're looking for a sane server that won't get boring within a day, you're in the right place.
There's a heap of custom features to help out with your Pixelmon adventure.
And if you run into something that could be made and would be useful, it could just happen!

Important to note, with regards to balance:
1/8192 shiny rate: Keep shinies rare and special, from experience the 1/4096 rate is too high for the open world of Pixelmon.
Shrines at spawn: The bird shrines and altar are at spawn and infinite. Orbs and lake guardians are rare enough by themselves.

A few key points:

No donation ranks or other kinds of "P2W", everyone plays the same game
Many shops via the Pixelmon Shopkeepers and a balanced economy
Constantly adding exciting new custom functionality for players
A huge Safari/Park area

Some of the many custom features:

Infoboard, for keeping track of live egg/EV progress
Custom Elytra, expensive Elytra that have special properties such as built in boosting.
Magic Pickaxe, an unbreakable pickaxe that can be leveled up and gains many abilities.
Regular Bosses, the Mega Bosses are disabled, instead we instead have regular bosses. The Mega items are in the NPC shop.
Improved IV/EV commands
Our own egg hatching similar to the older Pixelmon, as the current system gets stuck way too often

Come check us out if you want to learn more!
Our discord:


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