BusinessCraft ♦ CityRP, Democracy, Economy, Survival

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  • Players: 32/80
  • Status: Online
  • Uptime: 100%
  • Score: 277
  • Country:  Netherlands Netherlands
  • Version: Tuinity 1.15.2

• What is BusinessCraft?
1| City Roleplay server with a stable economy;
2| A Democratic Republic: There are general elections for Government positions, there's the Head of State (President - unelected) and the Head of the Government (Prime Minister - currently unelected) who along along the Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers form the Government. There's the Parliament for the legislature and Government Departments.
3| Mature Staff;
4| Cities, Plots, Businesses & lots of Jobs;
5| A lot of customization;
6| Anti-grief and protection system;
7| A friendly and a very fast growing community;
8| More minor features, such as: Elevators, Trading Cards, Chairs, Chat channels, Treasure Chests, custom menus and GUIs, a Metro and other.

• Additional information:
- This isn't a towny server;
- You can become a part of the Government, more information on our forums.
- Teleportation in-game is disallowed to contribute to realism. There are a few warps however.
- The server is 1.10 however you can connect with 1.11 clients

Hope to see you on the server!




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