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Discord: https://discord.io/lunarrisingmc
Website URL: http://www.lunarrisingmc.com/

For In-depth Help on Installing Pixelmon Reforged; Please join our Discord Above and check the #Announcements channel

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Pixelmon is an in-depth Pokemon mod for Minecraft. On Lunars Pixelmon server you will find hundreds of unique Pokemon to catch and add to your pokedex.
Battle your friends or take on our NPC Gyms for daily rewards to spend on Event Moves! We also offer Player Gyms which are in the process of being set up and soon to come. You can expect a great experience on the LunarRising Minecraft Servers, with active staff members and a friendly community lead by wonderful leaders, you can always expect a good time.
Come find out what adventures are waiting for you on the LunarRising Pixelmon server!

Daily Events
We look forward to hosting Daily Events for our players throughout the week! From Team Based Resource Collection to Double XP, and Boss Invasions.

Hope to see you soon!


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