SurvivalMC | Semi-Vanilla 1.12.2 | Vote Ranks - GriefPrevention - Pets

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SEMI VANILLA - 1.12.2 | The name says it all: Survival

SurvivalMC is a brand new semi-vanilla survival server. We strive to build a close community, who loves playing Minecraft together the way it was made.

We offer minimalistic adjustments to enhance your experience throughout the game:

✓ GriefPrevention: protect your builds

✓ Vote Ranks: Earn ranks for free by voting!

✓ Pets: Have a companion on your adventure!

✓ Player Worlds: Create and play in your own private worlds, with the people you desire!

✓ Minigames and events: For those moments you’re feeling bored.

✓ Crates: A different reward every day. Keys are obtainable by voting.

✓ Trails: Give yourself a shiny look.

✓ Friends: Become friends with others and talk in friend chat! Share you experience with others!

Other features:

✓ Premium CPU: A zero lag server.

✓ Advanced optimizations: For smooth gameplay.

✓ 1.8 PVP: As it is still loved by many.

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Version: 1.12.2



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