• IP: play.mc-wolfpack.com
  • Rank: #470
  • Players: 1/1000
  • Status: Online
  • Uptime: 100%
  • Score: 101
  • Country:  United States United States
  • Version: Paper 1.12.2
  • http://mc-wolfpack.com

Congratulations! We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Wolfpack community.

Wolfpack has returned from a year of development to immerse you in a factory-sealed new way to play Minecraft—kingdoms! Work with your friends to gather resources and rank up your kingdom’s level! Sign up for jobs to make money, PvP against your enemies, fight boss mobs for epic prizes, relax with some parkour, and don’t forget to check out our discord channel! We are primarily a play-to-win server, and our first five player ranks are based on time spent in-game. A few reasonably priced donor ranks are also available.

Anyhow, welcome to Wolfpack! We’re confident you’ll fit right in with our wonderful family.

- McMMo
- Custom Towny (Kingdoms)
- Jobs
- Bosses
- Community


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