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  • Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x

Welcome to Melville, we are a semi vanilla survival server network focussing quality gameplay and freedom of choice. We offer 3 gamemodes, pure vanilla, factionbased survival and a community survival server with 100% grief prevention. We are currently preparing for a 1.12 reset which will happen aroun June 7th 2017
The Idea
Each server runs on its own dedicated machine powered by an overclocked i7 7700k with 32GB ram and a blazing fast SSD harddisk aswell as a gigabit uplink. The idea behind our network is to set new standards for quality survival
servers regarding performance and connectivity aswell as to add useful things to minecraft you havent seen
on any other server before while not limiting the freedom and creativity minecraft was designed for.

Some things this allows us to provide:
Maximized render distance - usually you have a view distance of 4-6 chunks on a survival server, we run the maximum of 10
Increased mob count - Ever been annoyed of entity limits or low monster spawns - not on Melville - we run atleast the minecraft vanilla standard of 70 monsters per player, even more on the pve focussed servers. Good luck Surviving
Unique world regeneration - tired of a griefed world with ugly and abandoned builds? here is the solution - a plugin that checks for abandoned builds or grief and restores eligible chunks while sparing your builds and claims so you will constantly have
a fresh world to discover and plenty of things to loot

Pure Vanilla
The Pure vanilla server is laid out to stay as close to vanilla as possible while blocking hackers
and maximizing performance with some barely noticeable tweaks while providing
conveniences like /sethome, /tpa and /spawn. There are no rules regarding griefing
or gameplay on this server so its survival of the fittest.
Vanillla is currently preparing for a reset as soon as 1.12 launches!

Towns is the community backbone of our network.
The server allows you to claim land with 100% grief- and raidprotection and you will not lose your items upon death.
There are alot of build and other events happening on Towns and its generally a very warm and welcoming place
You can also rent your own vendor which will sell items for you in the community marketplace and
allows you to set up trades with your own items or just hang out and enjoy the community via dynmap!
Towns has a unique plugin in place that constantly restores unclaimed chunks and removes expired claims
from inactive players so you will always have a fresh world around you!

Kingdoms is the server where everything started. Its a heaviliy modified faction server with, custom, very challenging
bobs and bosses and new content is added permanently. It utilizes mcmmo and a custom enchanting system with unique artifacts and enchantments that require you to have up to 50 Levels.
The server focusses heavily on pv and pve aswell as longterm goals
Kingdoms also utilizes the custom restoration plugin aswell as a marketplace with rentable vendors
This Server is also resetting for 1.12 around June 7th!



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